Real Time Bus Tracker

Challenge: Use asynchronous JavaScript to make periodic API calls and utilize the data.

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Web Development

Real Time Bus Tracker Image

Development Challenges:

  • Use asynchronous code to make API calls
  • Utilize data received from those API calls to track in real time
  • Use the Mapbox JavaScript library to build a map to track a bus

Project Description:

Utilizing the Mapbox JavaScript library, I created an interactive map that tracks a bus line in real time. Using London's public transport API, I made an asynchronous call to the API to get the bus's current location. I then used the data to update the map with the bus's current location. Bootstrap is used for the styling and the Mapbox JavaScript library is used to build the map.

Project Challenges:

My biggest challenge here was that the busses don’t have live GPS tracking, but rather just the last stop they were in Naptan codes. I located CSV files with data that connected the Naptan codes with the bus stop coordinates. With that, I could give the busses latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates.

Project Status: In Progress

I will be continually conducting usablility studies to improve the UX for this app.

Real Time Bus Tracker Image